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Why KandaKpomo?

The KandaKpomo mission is to provide our clients with high quality USDA inspected Kanda/Kpomo.

About KandaKpomo

            Kanda and Kpomo is African based culture specialty created to reflect the owners’ countries. KandaKpomo Inc. is the first business in the United Stated to be approved by the USDA to be sell edible beef-skin. The sole mission of KandaKpomo Inc. is to provide clients with high quality and USDA inspected Kanda/Kpomo. The product is fresh and vacuumed sealed at the KandaKpomo Inc. plant to ensure the quality provided to the clients.

The majority of the cliental are Individuals with this West African heritage or West African descendants living in all parts of the United States. And the current challenge for KandaKpomo Inc. is making sure the customers know there is a safer opinion now for acquiring Kanda/Kpomo.

The public doesn’t have a lot of information of this newly approved product because it is the first one of its kind. Kanda/Kpomo products have only been offered through unregulated food markets. The owners of KandaKpomo Inc. Have created a Website and a Facebook page to create client access to their products. However, there has not been a posting schedule establishing leaving the Facebook and Website with very little information about the produce and business.

The goal for KandaKpomo Inc. is to improve the business’ reputation as a safe choice for USDA approved edible beef-skin. And increase public awareness about the product by targeting current customers who order through the Website and Facebook and potential customers who are wanting the safer and approved edible beef skin.